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New York had always been the home of entrepreneurs and for those aspiring to start a business of their own. With New York Stock Exchange situated in the city, there is that mentality about  business, money, and finance. Tax attorney NYC has recently become busy servicing mostly startups with their end of the year tax reports. This proves that more and more entrepreneurs have chosen NYC to root their businesses. 

Start up businesses that make it big in New York

Businesses that are related to Wall Street, the entertainment and media. These businesses seem to thrive better in New York rather than in any place in the nation. Why? It could be that they have a simple yet effective marketing technique. But there could be a better reason behind their success.

The most successful entrepreneurial story anyone has ever heard is the Bloomberg business, most of them owned by Mike Bloomberg and established and centered in New York. They may have a different approach in their business tactic, but all together it has proven effective which brought them at the top of the ladder of success. 

New York had become the home of many start up businesses. Business Insider sites 10 thriving startups that are making their names in New York

  • Airhelp
  • Classpass
  • Glamsquad
  • Fundera
  • Abacus
  • Zola
  • Hinge
  • Niche
  • Jet
  • Boxed

These companies are tech and internet related. The fact that New York is the center of trade in industry means that there are more people who better understands the business and who actually have a need for it. Logically since, there is a growing need in this area, startups flack to New York to create something to meet these needs.

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So if you are looking to build a tech startup business, consider building its foundation in New York City and you may not go wrong. Research on effective marketing traits in order for you to have a successful company like other startups who are now ripping their rewards.