If you are running a driving school, you want your students to be as comfortable as possible. And you don’t want to be distracted while teaching your students too. Recommend clothing that will not distract your students or the teacher. Clothing choices from techwear are a better choice for breathability. So in this post, let’s cover recommended clothing when in a driving school.

We have created a list of 5 pieces of clothing that are NOT suitable for driving.

1. For women – No clothes that are too revealing
Basically, it is allowed to drive in a bikini, swimwear, or even an underwear car. But you should expect a certificate of order if it is obvious that the general public feels harassed by its choice of clothes. This is especially true if you decide to give up on clothing of any kind – so as to drive naked.

2. Sandals & Flip Flops: Put on solid footwear
Flip flops, sandals, or flip slopes are NOT recommended when driving. Lightweight footwear can be solved by the feet, which in the worst case leads to accidents. If this occurs, your car insurance can refuse payment. You should choose firm and sturdy footwear.

3. Thick Winter Jackets: Remove your parka before driving
Winter clothes can be bad for driving. This is mainly because a thick winter parka restricts freedom of movement. It may even cause accidental issues in the long run. So turn the heating up and stow the warm clothes in the trunk or on the back seat.

4. No Facial Masks or Unnecessary Costumes
Costume or storm masks as garments are also not suitable for driving. The StVO (Road Traffic Code) therefore clearly states that it is not allowed to cover or obscure the face while driving.

Whether protective masks are completely prohibited, however, depends on their size. The recommended medical mouth nose protection is permitted in driving, for example, in some of the federal states even strength of the Infection Protection Act. Anyone who relies on a mouthguard behind the wheel must be careful that the nose and mouth are hidden, but the eyes and forehead and other personal characteristics of the motorist are still visible. Accordingly, the driver usually threatens no fine when wearing a respiratory protective mask. According to current reports, however, there are regions that endure wearing the breathing mask with a fine, since the disregard of the covering ban contained in the Road Traffic Regulations exists. Find out what applies in your region.

5. Shoes with platform or heels
For shoes with heels similar to Flip Flops and Slippers. High heels, pumps, or similar models are worse due to the typical, elevated heel.

Make sure to have comfortable seats to avoid Hard buttocks

As a driving teacher, you must have strong buttocks. You will be in the car for hours on end, especially if your driving school is going well. As a result, always ensure that your vehicle has comfortable seats. There are also a wealth of items accessible on the internet that may help you change your automotive seating position.