As competition grows in the mobile game market, numerous attempts to shake up the monetization system have been made. Using in-game currencies for building game economy has changed over the years.

What is a mobile game economy?

Mobile-game economy is a virtual market that organizes video game concessions as money, experience points and pricing, for example. Its choice is highly related to the game’s player types.

It’s no secret the all mobile games — and free to play (F2P) types, particularly — needs to have a well-thought-out game economy to effectively build its reward structure as a way to boost a person’s spend within the game.

Different types of mobile game economies

No currency. While this type of game market is more favored by PC games, a few current mobile games have begun using it. This game economy is best when gamers are offered to pay once to get items like firearms, for instance. It mostly suits mobile online games without soft money – a choice that players can take via in-app purchases as the only real method to find something extra. This game economy is widely considered to restrict consumers’ spend flexibility.

Single currency. This type of currency allows players to earn the currency via normal play at limited rate and/or giving single money away to get a daily reward for getting back to the game or completing multiple in-game actions. Candy crush is a popular example that employs this currency.

Dual Currency. This game economy allows for engagement of paying and non-paying cell match players. It supplies to get one form of currency inside the match by completing certain responsibilities, and the following currency by creating an IAP or seeing rewarded advertisements or some other advertisements offers, for instance. By way of example, such mobile games as bejeweled blitz and marvel puzzle quest utilize dual currency platform.

Multiple Currency. The bare fact that most top-grossing digital apps now use this game economy talks for it self. Featuring more than two currencies produces vast opportunities by inviting players to make purchases. It provides multiple chances to improve user participation in the game. Dragon city, Farmville and also clash of all clans are several of their greatest illustrations to title.

Together with a plethora of currencies in free-to-play game titles, it’s by no way irrelevant to know how they define the in-game market. Make sure you perform your homework at progress to be able to get it professionally and effortlessly incorporated to the game play. Numerous websites online will offer free currency generators, Free V Bucks, for instance. This will guarantee players’ engagement and retention to the mobile game together with guarantee your monetization strategy pays off!