Competition is ever present in any market place, be it local or global, which business owners must face in order to thrive, if not stay ahead. One of the most recommended actions to take in facing competition is to exploit new ideas and innovations that will add value to the products or services offered.


Now more than ever, competition is a force to contend with in light of the broad information that consumers can access via the Internet; providing them with knowledge about new technologies that can add value to the product or service being offered to them by entrepreneurs.

The Fitness Industry Has Great Demand for Technological Innovations


The fitness industry is no exception because a lot of innovations have been developed and introduced to help fitness buffs, not only in going through the rigid training and exercises, but also in helping them with the strength building and recovery processes.

A local yoga studio for one, even if it does not offer services that do not involve the same strenuous forms of body-building programs offered by fitness gyms, has received much attention from technology developers.

There are now practice props that make it easier for yoga practitioners to develop flexibility at a more rapid pace; allowing them to quickly gain the benefits promised by yoga exercise. If competitors take the lead in adding the latest tools and applications that can effectively help new customers attain difficult yoga poses, a start up yoga studio is likely to suffer if it lacks new ideas and technologies.

A Cursory Look at the Top Three Important Yoga Innovations Introduced in 2019

Yoga is an ancient practice but the proven effects of deep meditation has made it popular as an alternative form of fitness exercise even among the masses. Some bodybuilding gyms, add value to their offering by including some kind of yoga class as a competitive edge.

It is not surprising that there was a surge of yoga innovations in 2019, to which Forbes made a list of the most effective ones:

Yoga Wheels

This latest yoga innovation was actually inspired by the tool created by Sri Sri Dharma Mittra in 1977 to help new practitioners develop increased flexibility and mobility when attempting to achieve yoga postures. Otherwise, new practitioners tend to lose interest once they decide they can never do the required yoga poses.

Yoga newbies looking to buy their own yoga wheel must add yoga wheels buyer guide to their search words to make sure they will be buying the right yoga wheel at the most reasonable price.

Feet-Up Headstand Chairs

This new practice prop helps new practitioners achieve the headstand pose with more confidence, whilst ensuring stable headstand pose that will not cause harm to the yoga practitioners next to them.

The Yoga Acupressure Mat

Obviously an adaptation of the ancient Chinese art of healing known as acupuncture, the yoga acupressure mat though provides only acupressure, by way of pressure points that allow the body to relax and release endorphins that will bring the “feel good” feeling.