It is a dream for many people with an entrepreneurial streak to convert a long-established hobby into a professional future. In the bicycle industry, there are many founders who already worked in their free time and founded a company in the form of their own bicycle shop. Often with success and sometimes with a real big breakthrough.

However, the way to your own bike shop is long and should be well thought out and planned. Reading Road and mountain bike reviews will help you start a shop that can cater to the needs of your target group.

Road bike: Formal requirements for your own bike shop

Road and mountain bike reviews

Independence means great responsibility. In a bicycle shop with its own workshop, this is considerable and should be considered. The first step is to register a business in which the business is described in detail. It depends on the range of services whether there is a further authorization requirement. Expertise is an important prerequisite for opening a bicycle shop with a workshop. The knowledge can also be proven through a manager such as a workshop manager. Professionally trained staff is required.

Before the first customer enters the bike shop, public liability insurance is required. It is a compulsory part of this business model. Every screw has to be right on the bike and if it doesn’t, the protection has to be right.

General bike shop or for special bikes

Your own region needs to be carefully analyzed because whether a general bicycle shop has a real chance in a city depends not only on the unique selling points but also on the competition. Carrying out satisfaction surveys also increases knowledge of the market. If your own bike shop is about a speciality, it is often easier to analyze. First of all, it is only necessary to check whether this niche already exists in the region.

Own workshop in the bike shop

The technology on bicycles is becoming more complex every year. E-bikes are certainly the best example with their motors and batteries. But also switching groups in derailleur gears, as well as the hub gears do not lack complexity. Customers can no longer do many repairs themselves. Therefore, having your own workshop in the bike shop is a big plus and by no means standard in all shops.