The business of picking , and adapting, and arranging, and assessing subjects of discourse; of comparing, correcting, polishing, and applying discourse itself; of so living and disciplining the center as to keep one’s self at the essential mood and tone of thoughts for the enunciation and delivery of discourse–these is work to not be otherwise done by any man than by laborious and indefatigable program and persistence.

What the Church Needs

The church needs now is not merely more guys in its pulpits, but much better men, better preachers. It needs messengers of God, not only servants of people; it needs the dwelling incarnated Word, not just the professional repetition of truth just like businesses.

The very noblest gifts, the greatest abilities, the wealthiest equipment, the best training, aren’t too much for its minister of Christ like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The preacher who’s to talk ably and well in public must labor hard at this business. Some few men may find it easy to speak in public, but no man finds it effortless to talk well in people.

There are, of course, events and circumstances that might rouse the mind into high action, and the result may be unexpected displays of eloquence without much attempt at preparation. But existence isn’t composed of occasions of excitement.

Every man who is determined to become an efficient and successful preacher should bid farewell to simple indulgence, resist all temptation to mental sloth, and make a covenant with labour as his portion and pleasure under sunlight.