Nowadays, Internet bloggers dream of becoming part of an Influencer Marketing scheme. After all, the goal of online marketing campaigns is to put their client’s business in front of people who are generally interested in their product.

The Influencer Marketing strategy though, looks into follower or subscriber counts before a blogger is seriously considered as a potential influencer. So if your ultimate goal is to become an influencer, be in the know that you have to put extra effort in publishing posts, particularly photos and videos that can grow the numbers.

Although it is tempting to take the shortcut, it would be wiser to first focus your creativity and energy on making your Instagram account or YouTube channel truly attractive to your target audience. The option to buy followers furnished by a third party coming from the social media marketing world – smm world, is only for purposes of boosting your site’s early appearance in the influencer marketing space.

Keep in mind that advertisers target consumers who are convinced they are following people who can provide them with useful, well-presented and engaging information. So if you want to be the Instagram or YouTube blogger whom many will follow, make it a point to socialize in the right kind of circle. Moreover, do so with a trustworthy approach in building and expanding that circle as well.

Trust is the Key to Your Success as Influencer

Overall influencer marketing statistics show that ninety-two percent (92%) of consumers put their trust in influencers who belong to their social circle.

Of consumers in ages ranging between 18 and 34 years old, 22 percent were ascertained to have based their online purchases on recommendations put forward by a sincere influencer.

Even more notable is that seventy percent (70%) of consumers falling under the teens demographic tend to trust recommendations of peer influencers, over the paid endorsements of well-known personalities and celebrities.

The statistics only show that follower numbers are only good in satisfying the required metrics. How the people making up those numbers respond to your content, determines your own success as an influencer. It does not matter if your follower count does not go way beyond the required metrics. Brand advertisers are more interested in the results of your rapport with your social media connections.

As an influencer, your audience do not expect you to promote the concept of being perfect; but of being happy and contented despite life’s imperfections. Trusting an influencer is not about escaping reality; but more on discovering ordinary people who encounter the same day-to-day issues but with something useful to offer as effective advice.

Trust is the most important element, which means you have to present your audience with proof that you are a real product user, and that there are improvements to show as well. Even more helpful is to send the right signals to other people whom your target audience interact with — parents to teenagers, patients to doctors,students to teachers, or friends to teens. Including related people’s interests and concerns in your posts would likely strengthen the bond of trust between you and your followers.