Its surrounding commercial community, and the New World Trade Center, is home to industry leaders in every area — for some of the most innovative high-tech businesses and begin-ups, from media and economic leaders on earth.

world trade center

These cutting edge companies have chosen to headquarter at the WTC due to its ultra modern state-of-the-art facilities, convenient commuter accessibility, and distance to your highly educated workforce.

It’s a good-time for companies to think about stepping into One World Trade Center.

The lease per square foot cuts on floors below, in an effort to attract more tenants.

Any office building and surfaces are adaptive, flexible and powerful, giving the ability to produce a number of the sophisticated, inspiring and effective workplaces on the planet to tenants.

Life-safety features, architectural redundancy, reinforced concrete core defending life safety techniques of the building, Extra- protected egress stairs and large condensed, emergency generator back-up for critical systems and life safety.

Its ecological features built to achieve LEED CS Silver,general occupied spaces use sun light, renewable energy, usess energy reduction, of power source from fuel cells, have reduction in public water use. It’s storm water recycled, high-quality filtered air and high-performance curtain wall.

A video from New World Trade Center when they welcome their first tenants.