What are the things that can have a bearing on the success of your business meeting or conference? Selecting the proper venue for your business meeting, conference, seminar, or training is just as imperative to your success as cautiously planning the timetable of sessions or choosing resource speakers. The right location such as venues Orange County like this, can indicate the disparity between a successful training and networking experience and uneasy delegates who continue to keep their eyes on the way out. Whether it’s running a conference for clients or business partners, the proper venue makes every difference.

From getting hold of the right resource speakers or lecturers to securing sponsors, your list of things to do appears to be endless. With 36% of event planners and coordinators splurging most of their funds on the venue, selecting a space or location for an event becomes one of the most crucial and exigent aspect in the planning process. Here are tips for selecting a fantastic venue for your subsequent business event.


The site of the event venue is vital for making the most of the event turnout. Accessibility is the largest factor in selecting the location for your event. Before deciding on the location, make certain that transportation is promptly available so that participants can arrive by air, rail or car without any trouble. Furthermore, verify that there is sufficient parking or valet services for who opt to drive to the location. Also, check that there are food establishments or other attractions in close proximity that are open before or after the event to take advantage of added event networking prospects.


If the venue isn’t found inside a hotel, there should be an apt lodging accommodations not far from the event itself. If the place is not within walking distance, find out if the hotel will offer a shuttle service. If not, check on the availability and cost of a cab or car services for attendees.


As soon as you are able to check on the availability of the venue, see if the nearby spaces are also available. Be sure to find out if this is the peak season of the venue since this will have an impact on the traffic in the general spaces, like lounges and restaurants, and may prevent opportunities for organic event networking.


Search for a venue that has every single components that you will require and should be available for the event, such as audiovisual equipment, platforms, and microphones. Also be aware of the how things are set up, paying particular thought on how seats are arranged for participants, sponsors, and speakers.