Whether you have years of experience in the food industry or you are only starting out, investing in a good kitchen equipment will be one of your best decisions ever. Choosing the right equipment for your restaurant or café will help you preserve food products and ultimately sell more of them in the long run.

If you own a pastry shop or bakery, choosing the best fridge to display your sumptuous cakes or pies is a priority. Among the cake display fridges offered in the market, you ought to choose one that will meet all your requirements. Decide what you’ll use it for. Will you use it to display food or drinks? It might be a good idea to just buy one for food items as people already know what drinks they’d like to order.

Additionally, whenever customers see exactly what you have to sell right before their eyes, it triggers the so-called “hungry eye” where they would want to sample as many of the food items that they are able to pay for and eat.

Pick a display fridge that would suit your preferences and business better. You have a selection between a sliding door or even a swing out door. Additionally, there are folding doors for cold cuts and meat, but all these are far more complicated to manage.

You may even decorate it with decals with your branding or whatever design that might make the display fridge look more appealing. But bear in mind that when you plan to get this done, you’d have to make sure that the attention will still be focused on the food items and not the decoration.

Another benefit of owning a chiller is always to keep the food fresh and clean while being on display. You’ll have a range of sizes to choose from – from mini displays to floor-to-ceiling displays. Keep in mind your store’s layout to help you settle on which size would easily fit in.

Tips in Selecting the Perfect Cake Fridge

A cake display refrigerator is different from the display refrigerator for meat or drinks. The cake display fridge is significantly more elegant and meant to be set in a visible corner of your shop. It also has racks, layers, along with quite a good interior to help make you cakes seem appetizing.

This equipment will greatly help you sell cakes. Pick the one which will compliment your interior. It doesn’t need to become sizable provided you can fit in most of your desserts. If somebody enjoys the way your cakes are displayed, they could buy either a slice or the whole cake. But you have to them properly. A good display is the secret to selling your baked products.

Choose your display fridge based on the design. The most popular designs are stainless steel and glass encased chillers. The capacity will vary depending on the trays it will come with. You are able to enhance the display by adding decoration to make it appear prettier. Many even have used fruits, cake decoration, blossoms, and so forth to add a pop of color. Keep it simple as possible though to ensure your baked goods will be the center of attention.

Remember to clean out the refrigerator often. Bacteria can flourish in cool temperature, and some other spills or bits of frosting left on the refrigerator could cause bacteria to grow. You should clean both interior and exterior to keep it clean and presentable.