A company should have at least one printer. Although digitization is progressing more and more, an office printer can prove to be useful. However, making the right choice can be very difficult, because the market for printers is oversized.

Small businesses – small prices

Small businesses are particularly interested in printers costing as little as possible. Especially with start-ups, the budget is often limited, so that the material and acquisition costs should be kept as low as possible.

For this reason, many new or small entrepreneurs often resort to so-called inkjet models.

These devices are very affordable. In general, there is nothing wrong with inexpensive inkjet printers, but there are also huge differences. Good research can help to find economical and powerful devices. However, to guarantee solid performance at all times, you should have at least two models of small format printers. The advantage of two identical devices is that they have to be operated in the same way. This saves you double training and allows you to use the second printer if the first fails.

Even if you don’t need the printer very often, it happens time and again that important components such as paper or hp p1102 toner are empty just when it matters most. You can avoid this circumstance with two devices.

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Medium-sized and large companies

If your business is so large that multiple people need to access the printer on a regular basis, this should be factored into the purchasing decision. Large office printers are better than small inkjet printers, which can constantly run out of paper or ink.

So-called multifunction devices are also suitable for medium-sized to large companies because they have above-average ink supplies and several shafts for sufficient paper. If you rely on such models, bottlenecks can be avoided.

In addition, your office printer should be network-capable and allow various connections.

WLAN printers are ideal because they can be used easily by all employees. Neither a cable nor a complex device is required. If you run a very large company, user identification is an additional option.

Laser or Inkjet?

Whether you should choose a laser or an inkjet printer is not easy to answer. Both techniques have now become very similar, making it almost impossible to filter out significant advantages or disadvantages. Which printer suits you better depends above all on the type of your business. For example, some devices are not suitable for printing labels or photos.

If you need a certain function more often, it can make sense to choose a printer with these capabilities. It can save a lot of money not having to use an external service provider.