Half Work Half Vacation- that is what we call workcation.

Going out for vacation is one of the few things people look forward to during the holidays, summer or in the winter where work is less appreciated. But not for everyone who is seemed into the life of office and work and nothing else. A vacation is nice, but for them, it is not practical and is not always possible.

With that, here’s what we can do to make sure that while you are working you can still be able to enjoy a little bit downtime and go on vacation. Or otherwise, make your vacation your work, and your work as your vacation. Don’t get me yet? Well, keep on reading!

Tips for Workcation

Vacations are awesome and most often necessary. But, busy overachievers can’t always take a complete vacation. Especially entrepreneurs, who often lack the systems and support to truly take off without worry of repercussions back at the office.

Here are my tips for making your next work-cation perfection.

1. Plan out the work.

Work-cations work best when you don’t spend the whole time working. You need to make sure to schedule your columns, schoolwork and client work so you could keep track of them to a maximum of 4 to 6 hours every day. This way you can still have the time to spend a day at home, shopping or socializing will go to the enjoyments of travel so you still have plenty of time for focused work and solid rest. If you work efficiently, it is for sure you will get more time in my day to enjoy the sites.

2. Do plenty of travel homework.

It is great for businessmen to travel places while doing work. Instead of spending time and work in the hotel in the city, why not go out and have coffee at the best local cafe. Do work outside and discover their best tasting local coffee. In that way, you won’t feel stressed out with facing paper works alone but instead, you are also working in a different place, with people, and of course a local delicacy.

3. Generate new opportunities.

You need to appreciate that traveling to meet new people generates new opportunities. It does not just work alone after all, but it also opens you to gain a great deal from meeting new people in other lands. So on your next travel, and workcation, make sure you have ensured your Vietnam visa for Indians and other travel necessities.